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The Evolution of BKC                

Mumbai being the financial capital of the country is constantly abuzz with activity. Crowds flock from all over India to the city looking for work and consequently housing. It is no wonder then that one of the most precious commodities in this island city is space. As the space crunch increases, property prices skyrocket and city developers are looking for more and more building options.

It is for this reason that the Bandra Kurla Complex is now one of the hottest properties around. This once upon a time swamp was seen for the treasure it was, – “space”; a wide open space where the possibilities were endless. Plans were drawn up and the makeover began and over a course of the past nearly forty years the MMRDA (Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority) transformed these marshlands into a popular hub of commercial activity.

In recent times this planned commercial estate is slated for even more development with the aim of making it a world class establishment. More office complexes, more hotels and eateries and more planned open spaces all add to BKC’s charm and popularity. This has led to a marked migration of the commercial culture over to BKC thus easing the congestion in the South Mumbai area.

Around the offices have sprung up a number of residential complexes and even three schools. Soon to be added to the BKC skyline are hotels like Bellagio and the MGM Grand and a Reliance Convention Centre. Furthermore the already functional, futuristic Reliance Jio Garden is the perfect venue for music concerts adding to the cultural value of this area. Regularly frequented restaurants like SodaBottelOpenerWala, The Good Wife, The Smokehouse Deli, Capital Social, to name a few, are proving to be quite an attraction for the masses.

Bring all this together; the commercial, the social and the cultural aspects of BKC and what we have here is a winner as far as planned complexes go. And it is certainly not too early to say that if you want to be in with the cool crowd, then BKC is the place to be.


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