Earth Healers

With tons of chemical / petroleum pollutants and sewage being released into our oceans, toxic gases poisoning our air and plastics and other non-biodegradable solid wastes choking our land, the Earth is taking a battering every day.

Every day more trees are cut, more species of animals get endangered and the climate is changing due to human actions. 2015 was quite possibly the hottest year on record with ocean temperatures being the highest since measurements began; this is an effect of Global Warming. Our planet is our only home and if we don’t act quickly to try and reverse some of the damage we will soon have no place to go…..

It is time to Heal the Earth and the time is NOW!

Just like the little things we do like drive our cars or use the air conditioning, add to the problem similarly little acts in the right direction can help to mend it. Planting a tree, segregating our solid waste, even closing taps when not in use are all small actions that when added up can lead to a positive change.

And OASIS a registered NGO that works on spreading environmental awareness is here to lend a helping hand. We have created a team of Earth Healers to help set you on the right path to start Healing the Earth.

From A to Z we have something for everyone, if you are an educational institute, a corporate firm or even a housing society, you can choose any one of a variety of projects that suits you perfectly. So pick a project and join our mission to help the Earth feel whole again.

A-Z of Ecological Healing:

  1. ABC of Environment – Ideal for students of all ages this project brings about awareness on ecology, the problems it faces in today’s world and ways to help conserve it
  2. Bring Back Butterflies – From a large public garden to a small balcony space butterfly sanctuaries can be created by planting colourful and fragrant flowers. Plus there is the added advantage of beautifying the area
  3. Clean is my Lane – Nobody likes to have to walk past piles of garbage every time to come home or to your office, with a few practical tips and a collective social effort, solid waste can be reduced drastically and contained a lot more easily make street and lanes all over the city so much cleaner
  4. Decomposing and transforming wet waste – Composting of wet waste completes the circle of life and is what Nature intended. With the right tips and tools, kitchen waste can be transformed into a rich natural fertilizer which in turn can nourish to soil
  5. E-Waste Elimination squad – Everything you need to know about E-waste but didn’t know who to ask, especially the burning question of how to safely dispose of it. The Earth Healers have the answers
  6. Festivals, Then and Now; Celebrate Wisely – We all like a good celebration but who among us would enjoy a bunch of strangers coming over to our home having a party, making a huge mess and leaving? Well that is what some of our festive behaviour equates to, and it’s time we get wise to our actions and find a better way
  7. Global Warming, the Last Warning – The ice caps are melting, we should be concerned. Be aware and learn what you can do to save the planet
  8. Herb Heritage – Fragrant, flavourful and often with healing powers, we have a rich heritage of herbs, let’s do our bit to preserve it
  9. Indigenous Plants – Ecosystems are intricate and complex, they are made up of a variety of living things which have evolved together over thousands of years. Learn the importance of indigenous species to their natural habitat and how introducing exotic species of plants and animals can dramatically disturb the balance
  10. Joys of Life – Plant a seed and nurture a life
  11. Knowledge of Disaster Management – It is always good to be prepared if a natural disaster hits, the Earth Healers can help you get equipped
  12. Live Life Simply – Switch off fans and lights and close taps when not in use, it is the little things that let us practice conservation in our daily lives
  13. Mumbai Meri Jaan – We love our city, let us rally for Mumbai and learn how we can truly make her clean and green
  14. Noise Pollution – From affecting sleep, causing hearing difficulties to disturbing the natural rhythms of birds and animals, noise pollution is a real problem. Join the Earth Healers’ mission to help bring down decibel levels
  15. Oceanic Treasures – Support marine conservation, make a difference
  16. Planting Flowers – Adding a burst of colour and fragrance to save the environment
  17. Quest for a better Planet – All your questions about environmental pollution and the degradation of our planet answered and also solutions and guidelines on how some of the bigger problems can be tackled
  18. Rain Water Harvesting – In a city where there is extensive water shortages, letting rain water runoff into storm water drains is almost a criminal waste. Learn from our team of Earth Healers how you can harvest rain water and make the most of this natural resource
  19. Solar Panels – We live in a bright sunny city, let us learn more about this abundant resource called sunshine and how it can power our lives
  20. Trash to Treasure – A large proportion of our dry waste can be recycled, educating ourselves and the rag pickers who segregate our garbage on the most effective recycling methods could greatly reduce the amount of solid waste being dumped into landfills
  21. Urban Planning and Environment Perspective
  22. Village Eco-Tour, Understanding Culture – Let us learn from those who live in harmony with nature how simple living can save the planet
  23. Water Management – Water is a precious natural resource and every drop counts, learn the little things we can do every day to help conserve water
  24. X-tinguished – More species of animals are going extinct every day, let us do our bit to help conserve endangered animals
  25. Yeh Mera India – To love a Nation is to preserve its natural resources, being eco-friendly is the ultimate form of patriotism
  26. Zero Air Pollution – Unless we want to suffer a death by breath we have to stop poisoning the air that we breathe

The mission of the Earth Healers is guide you step by step on these topics. Chose any one from these projects and we will provide with everything you need to accomplish it. From all the information about the problem to concrete solutions to help fix them, including the tools you will require, the Earth Healers have a clear cut action plan.

So join the mission to Heal the Earth, chose just one project and we’ll have you well on your way to making a real difference.

OASIS, Organization of Aware Saviours in Society is a registered Environmental NGO of Action oriented Awareness since 1997.

OASIS is a highly dedicated socially oriented organization, working toward the aim of promoting Environmental Awareness through the future generation and it stands for Environmental Awareness of the students, for the students by the students.



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