The Dirt and Our Duty – The Mumbai Story

‘Mumbai’ you may love it or you may hate it but you can’t ignore it. This vibrant city also known as the Financial Capital of India is a melting pot of culture, language and religion. The fast paced life and the constant buzz make this city what it is. But how do we turn a blind eye to the garbage that generously decorates our landscape, the toxic fumes that dance in our air and the sewage that flows through our city’s veins? If you live in Mumbai you may love it or you may hate it but we all have to do our bit to make it a better place.

Eco-Mission 2007-2008 takes a closer look at Mumbai City. While it is all well and good to point out the bad the action based Eco-Mission does something about it. Breaking down the problem of the city in to three broad categories Eco-Mission 2007-2008 asks:

What ails Mumbai’s air?

What ails Mumbai’s land?

What ails Mumbai’s water?

And most importantly – What can we do about it?

About Eco-Mission 2007-2008

This academic year the Eco-Mission will be conducted as follows:

  1. Each school invites OASIS on any date between June to October 2007 to conduct the orientation session consisting of:
  1. An LCD presentation on the Environment
  2. A Photo Gallery with contests based on in
  • A training workshop for the Eco-Ambassadors on Environmental problems that directly affect Mumbai
  1. Next the school is to choose a topic from the broad theme ‘The Dirt and Our Duty – The Mumbai Story’ for a research base case study on an area of the city. The study is to include and environmental problem faced by that area; the causes and solutions
  2. In January 2008 schools will submit a report and a Power Point Presentation to OASIS on their respective case studies. Guidelines will be provided on how to enhance the presentations
  3. The eliminations for a skit and dace contest based on the same theme will also be conducted at OASIS in January 2008
  4. Finalists will present their PPTs in February 2008 and the winners will selected
  5. The closing ceremony in March 2008 will include the prize distribution where the winning schools will be felicitated



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