Press release

Eco-Mission 2006-07

Everyday we breathe polluted air, we have to purify our water for fear of contamination, we cover our noses whenever we pass garbage piled up by the side of the road and we curse those who dare to spit in our direction. We blame the authorities for our water shortages and clogged drains and yet everyday in our own houses taps are left open and plastic bags are disposed of indiscriminately. It is only when we realise that changes in our own day to day lifestyle can make a noticeable difference and help revive our city from its deteriorating state that we can act towards making Mumbai a city we are truly proud of.

But how do we make the change? How do we transform a monument of garbage into a green paradise? How do we ensure clean roads and fresh air? How do we prevent our drains from clogging to avoid a disastrous flood? The answer lies in awareness. Not just awareness of the situation but also awareness of possible solutions. Our youth and children are a potential army awaiting a chance to combat our hazardous enemy. Education and awareness seem to be our only hope but it is only when the knowledge gained is put into action that we can make a difference. Education in isolation is a dead duck and it is time to take education beyond the classroom. Welcome to Eco-Mission 2006-07.

What is Eco-Mission?

Eco-Mission is an endeavour by OASIS and EsselWorld to sow the seeds of an environmental conscience in the children and youth of today.

Over the past few years the Eco-Mission has spread its message of saving the planet to thousands of students across the city.

Through a series of informative sessions, contests and activities the Eco-Mission has developed an enjoyable learning experience for students while creating awareness about environmental problems.

The Eco-Mission also goes a step further and provides practical and easy to achieve solutions to many environmental hazards that the students can practice on their own.

There is no doubt about a sense of satisfaction felt by every student knowing the he or she is doing their part to help make the world a better place but we also like to do our bit to make these students feel special. Awards are presented to winners and participants to honour their efforts and encourage them to keep up the good work at the end of each academic year.

Eco-Mission 2006-07 is to be launched on 30th June 2006, on which date we celebrate ‘World Environment Day’. Our theme for this year is ‘What’s Eating You Mother Earth?’ which aims to tackle the problem of our Earth’s depleting natural resources.

Eco-Mission 2006-07 will consist of several contests and workshops for school and college students. After the inauguration representative students from participating institutes will attend a training workshop to equip them with the knowledge and tools to make the best of the Eco-Mission. Institutes will have to option of choosing one of many Photo Gallery topics on which to base their overall presentation on.

  • Students will be given the opportunity to view the photo gallery and then participate in age specific contest based on that topic
  • During the course of the year students will also conduct a mega awareness event which they can choose from a set of options open to them
  • Eco-Mission 2006-07 will conclude with students presenting their years work which will earn them points to decide a winner.

All schools wishing to register for Eco-Mission 2006-07 are welcome to register with us. For further details on registration and the inauguration ceremony please contact OASIS on:



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